Nature Education Camp, Dang


Dang 2015
What?s better than a winter camp, with songs around lantern fire, hiking, swimming and making new friends? Only one thing  -NATURE EDUCATION CAMP. We take all fun of a regular camp and add something special: Nature study and exciting adventures and experiences to develop love for nature. Set deep amidst the most beautiful and dense part of Gujarat’s?s thickest forest, be party to songs of the Shama and listen to beckoning of the jungle fowl. Our Nature education camp is designed to help you to discover the wonderful world of nature. It is a change of pace and ? a chance to learn about the natural history and ecology of our forests. So this Diwali break, be there! Because, being with nature can be one of the life’?s unforgettable experiences. .


  1. Our activities chiefly consist of field trips. These field trips cover the most beautiful areas around our camp site. Activities on the field trips, include bird watching, plant study, observing insects and lot more.
  2. We will also have adventurous trips, which will include Rock - Climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing, Bouldering
  3. During our free time, we will play nature games, making clay models, painting and plaster casting.
  4. During the night, we will have slide shows, film shows and Astronomy session, and of course camp songs around lantern fire.
  5. We will also have expert talks on environmental issues and also take up small projects like nullah bunding which will help nature in one or the other.


Camp Site


Bhenskatri and Ambapani.


Camp Fees

The camp charges are:


1,800/- For School Batch/Members

1,900/- For Non Members



Age Limit

8 years and above.


No of participants

25- 50 Students.


The camp charges include transport to and from Surat.



Batch 4 is the open batch, where members and non-members can participate. Other batches are reserved for schools, Colleges and Groups.


Batch No Batch Date
Batch - 1  02 – 05 November 2015 (School/College Batch)
Batch - 2  05 – 08 November 2015 (School/College Batch)
Batch - 3  08 – 11 November 2015 (School/College Batch)
Batch - 4  14 – 17 November 2015 (Open/Family Batch)
Batch - 5  17 – 20 November 2015 (School/College Batch)
Batch - 6  20 – 23 November 2015 (School/College Batch)
Batch - 7  23 – 26 November 2015 (School/College Batch)
Batch - 8  26 – 19 November 2015 (School/College Batch)

Departure: 6:00 a.m from Surat, on starting date for the respective batch
Departure from Camp: 10:00 a.m from Camp site, after breakfast.
Departure and Arrival Venue: Sargam Shopping Complex, Near Parle Point, Surat.

Things to Carry
Necessary clothes, pants, preferably jeans, warm pullover/warm sweater/jacket
Hunter/Sport shoes
Plate, Glass, Mug, spoon, Water bottle
Ground spread, Sleeping bag/Light bedding, torch. Toilet accessories
Note book, pen,
Torch, extra pair of clothes, Swim wear, towel
Some special personal medicine, if any
All these should be packed in a light rucksack or hand bag. Avoid suitcases as far as possible. Make your luggage as light as possible.

Please note
Usage of Paper Dish and soap is prohibited./td>
Binoculars and Camera maybe brought at your own risk.
No Walkman/Radio/Tape-Recorder allowed
Participants should strictly adhere to the camp schedule and camp rules.
Medical facility in form of first aid will be available.
Best care of the participants will be taken.