Campaign to Save Open Spaces of Surat

Campaign to Save Open Spaces of Surat

A campaign, jointly initiated by Nature Club Surat (NCS), Life Cycling Green and Drashtikon was kick started on to Sunday 3rd August, 2014 at Joggers Park, City Light Area to save the Navsari Agriculture University Farms from being diverted for Diamond Bourse. The gathering was attended by members and volunteers from Nature Club Surat (NCS), Life Cycling Green and Drashtikon and a discussion was initiated to build up the protest against the proposed Diamond Bourse on the NAU Farms. The NAU farms are one of the last Open Spaces left in the already over populated city of Surat. The city is already congested with building and roads and there are hardly any parks or open spaces left in the city. So it becomes necessary that these Farms are kept Open and Green. It was made clear that the Campaign is not against the Diamond Bourse (DB) or any other development, but that it should not happen at the cost of environment and protecting these agricultural farms, the Green Lungs of Surat city is of prime importance. It was proposed that the farm should be made into a permanent no construction zone with at least 80% tree cover. It can be turned into an open public space having public parks, walking/jogging and cycling tracks, play ground for school children, open air amphitheatre, ponds for rain water harvesting and recharge etc., so that it can provide the environmental benefits as well as become a recreational open space for the inhabitants of Surat. Many cities across the world like New York and London have laws for permanent open spaces within the city limits and Surat can follow suit and set an example by declaring this agriculture farm as a zero construction zone and making it a Community Park. It was decided that this protest will continue until and unless the government takes back its decision to give away the farms for Diamond Bourse. It was also decided to start a signature campaign to involve the local communities and members of the society and spread awareness on the benefits of keeping the NAU farms Open and Green. The event received wide media coverage and was attended by media persons from several dailies like Gujarat Samachar, Divya Bhaskar, DNA, Dhabkar, Sandesh, Rajsthan Patrika, Times of India, Satyam Times etc.

Plantation at Kribhco Township, Kawas, Surat

A plantation drive was undertaken by Nature Club Surat at the KRIBHCO Campus in Hazira on 12th July 2014. The event was graced by Mr. R. K. Aggarwal, Operational Director, Mr. K V Verma, General Manager, Human Resources and Mr. Praveen Tiwari, Deputy General Manager, Human Resources. Several other employees of KRIBHCO, students from the Sunflower School and several volunteers of NCS also participated in the plantation drive. Around 450 saplings of different indigenous tree species were planted. KRIBHCO will now take care of these plants hese plants will now be taken care of by KRIBHCO.

NCS Rescues Crocodile from Bhatpore, Surat

On 28 June 2014, NCS rescued a 7 ft crocodile from the village pond of Bhatpore, Batpore GIDC, opposite ONGC Hazira. The crocodile was reported to be living in the pond for over a year but as it never attacked anyone, the villagers did not ask for its removal from the pond. Recently, the villagers were alarmed when it was reported to have attacked a villager who was bathing his livestock in pond. It was also reported to have attacked several animals that had gone near the pond and in one instance, ate 9 dog puppies. Seeing its menace rising and it becoming a threat for the locals, the villagers requested NCS to remove it from the village Pond. The crocodile was captured from the village pond and then released in the Sardar Sarovar Dam, near Rajpipla.

NCS undertakes planting at VNSGU

NCS Welcomes Monsoons – Undertakes planting at VNSGU on 20th July 2014.

Tree Plantation at VNSGU
The Nature Club Surat, in its efforts to increase the green cover of Surat welcomed the Monsoons by conducting a plantation drive at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) Campus. The inaugural planting was undertaken on 20th July 2014, where the Members and Volunteers of NCS planted over 200 sapling of various indigenous tree species including Neem, Banyan, Cherry etc. The planting was done along the VNSGU campus boundary so that they are not uprooted while undertaking any expansion work. A total of 3000 saplings will be planted over the next few weeks.
You can also be a part of this initiative. Please contact us at to support this initiative.

World Environment Day

In observance and celebration of World Environment Day, Nature Club Surat jointly with JAYCEOS, Surat has organized a Cycle Rally.

Cycle Rally from Sargam Shopping Centre, Parle Point to Gavier Wetland
In observance and celebration of World Environment Day, Nature Club Surat jointly with JAYCEOS, Surat has organized a Cycle Rally from Sargam Shopping Centre, Parle Point to Gavier Wetland, near Airport. The purpose of the rally is to promote Environment Awareness and encourage use of Pollution Free and healthy transportation option. The rally will start sharp at 6:30am. All nature lovers are requested to attend this rally. The rally will end at Gavier Wetland, recognized as one of the best place to visit in Surat. Kindly register your names with Nature Club Surat by sending an SMS with your Name and Age at the following numbers: 98250 57678, 99797 30036.
Rally Timings
Reporting Time : 06:15am
Departure Time : 06:30am