An Introduction to Mother Nature

This summer, make your holidays the most memorable ones. Get away from exams, schools and yet learn something more. The Nature Education Camp, set within orchards and farms provides children with an opportunity to learn something about nature’s creation. And what more, located in close proximity of Surat, you do not have to go far to create this enchanting experience. For young children, this farm is a great opportunity to be away from home and gear up for more advanced nature education camps.

Activities include:

Small trails: Explore and learn about our natural environment, identification of Wild Trees, Flowering trees, Insects,birds. Natural Energy:
Introduction to

   Wind Mill

   Solar Pump

   Solar Lamp

Care for animals:

Touch, feel and love

Gueni Fowl

Bathing in Duck Pool
Mountaineering Basic:
Rappling, River crossing, Balancing, Trust fall

Things to carry: Plate, Glass, Mug, Spoon, Water Bottle, Tennis/ Sport shoes, Note book, Pen, Crayons, Shorts and Towel.

Please Note: Simple nutritious vegetarian food will be served for breakfast and lunch. No home food please. Female volunteer will be present to care of female participants. Best care of the participants will be taken.

We also organize one day or half day parties with the a theme “Conserve Nature”

Rules for all camps

Use of cell phones/electrical/electronic entertainment equipment is strictly prohibited.
Smoking, chewing pan massalas or drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
Participants will not be allowed to differ from schedule and they will have to remain with the group from the start till the end.
Any participants disobeying the camp rules shall be warned once and then may be dismissed from the camp.
Usage of Paper dish, thermocal/plastic disposable glass in prohibited.
No refund against cancellation.

Camp Fees and Date may Change due to unavailable circumstances.

 Camp Date : All Weekends of April-May-June

for school batches : September to February

 Fees : Rs. 300/-
 Age Limit : 4 to 8 years