Save & Create Open Green Spaces

Save & Create Open Green Spaces

Nature Club Surat convey sincere thanks and gratitude to members present for attending meeting held today to take immediate action to protest and save Chowpaty as SMC plans to cut 25 % of garden and build 61 stories building . We had an opportunity to exchange views about strong protest against this move and also create a pressure to make permanent policy not to destroy forestation in the city anywhere and also expand as green coverage is only 2% which is very low compare to expected 13 % . We received following suggestions.

  1. Create what's up group based on cell phone given to create a pressure group
  2. Put banner across city. One member ready to sponsore the cost.
  3. Print pamphlet and distribute to morning walk spots .(Not eco friendly)
  4. Meet Corporators in respective areas
  5. Submit petition after taking signatures from citizens
  6. Arrange Dharna at gate
  7. Write to MLA/ MPs and corporator on email individually.
  8. Arrange ' RUN to save chowpaty.
  9. Create more such places

Thanks for support and encouragement We assure you to work with zeal and dedication . Nature club Surat

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